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How All This Works


You buy a presence on ShopPalestineFirst and when we get noticed - you get noticed! 

Step 1 - Fill out the form and select your payment option.

Step 2 - Once you have paid for your spot, we take a picture of your website and add the name of your site as well as a link to your site.  This is usually done within 3 business days!

Step 3 - We alert you when your spot appears! We DO suggest that you put a link on YOUR website to this website as crosslinks will help YOUR SEO!

I'm sure you're wondering how we plan to get you noticed. Good question! We plan to have a billboard for ShopPalestineFirst. Because billboards are expensive, see our countdown below showing when we've reached our goal for our billboard which will actually be YOUR billboard. Help us get there!

My latest projects

Sample Websites Below

Over 2,000 visitors in 5 Days!

Sample Website Ad

Sample Website Ad - Tech

This is where we give a brief description of YOUR business and add a phone number if you like. This part is very brief. The ad is clickable (not this sample) and will go directly to YOUR website.


Sample Website Ad - Restaurant

All ads will be the same size. Small company or large, you're all on a level playing field. And remember, you might get picked to be the Feature of the Month! Notice the pink frame? It means you are hiring!


Sample Facebook Ad - Real Estate

Some of you may not have or want a website but run your entire business off Facebook! That's fine with us. We take a snapshot of your header and link to your Facebook page just like a website.


Sample Facebook Ad - Photographer

Facebook ads cost the same as website ads and are also eligible for the Feature of the Month. The name of your business lands here along with your phone number. It helps with searches.

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