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Hi, We're ShopPalestineFIRST!

Creating Palestine's First and Only Live and Interactive Online Business Community website! 

We're here to help YOUR BUSINESS get noticed and have fun doing it!



A PINK border around an ad means that the business is hiring!!

While we ARE Live and Online at this time, we are currently in the process of soliciting ads from local businesses!

Please keep checking back as ShopPalestineFirst is a new and growing enterprise! 

To purchase your ad, go to the"Contact" page and fill out the form, make payment, and we'll get you online!

Coffee Shop

Why Are We Here?

We're All About Small Towns

YOU Need Affordable Advertising

We put YOUR website on OUR website like an online billboard!  We have special deals for you and YOUR customers!  Check us out then decide.  We'd love to promote you!

Shopping in Tyler or Dallas can be fun but all we ask is that before you go, "turn around, look around, shop around MY TOWN"!

Feature of the Month

East Texas Programming

Website Design Company

Click the button on the  feature image to go to their website

How Do I Get to be Feature of the Month?

You need to have a spot on the website, then we run a randomizer program that has a list of everyone in it. And Bingo! You're it! Does it cost more? NO WAY! Once you've been here, you can't show up here again for at least another 6 months.

Get in touch with us so we can set up your profile on ShopPalestineFirst!

We are adding a Guest Spot each month. The Guest Spot is free for one month.  Of course - we hope they become a customer!


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